Studio-Shot Video

We film the video in private studio to give you more focus on making great video with all access of creativity

All Polintek Products

Staf DME Consultant: Terima Kasih untuk Kerja Samanya

  • Video Product Review & Demo 

  • Video Interview 

  • Video Tutorial 

  • Video Profile 

  • Video Music

  • Another Video Needs

On-Location Video Shoots

We shot video on your location to personalize your message and tell an unique story about your brand.

Sejak 2012, Tractebel Engie Puas Gunakan Jasa DME Consultant

  • Video Company Profile 

  • Video Interview 

  • Video Testimonial 

  • Video Profile 

  • Another Video Needs


Video Animation

We deliver complex ideas into easy and compelling narratives with animation to evoke the right response

Seputar Marketing

Polintek Stop Leak Application 3D Video

  • Video Explainer

  • Video Profile

  • Video Presentation

  • Video Product

  • Another Video Needs


Event Coverage

capture your precious moments at each event with detailed video capture

Darta Corp at Job Matching 2017 di SMK Negeri 14 Jakarta

Darta Industrial Service

  • Video Product Launch

  • Video Gathering Event

  • Video Product Demo

  • Video News & Live Interview

  • Video Wedding Event

  • Video Birthday Event

  • Video Another Event and moment

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